We are a Niagara based adult beginner hockey league. GHL Niagara. We are the original and best co-ed beginner hockey league. We have beginner players from all over the Niagara region, inscluding: St. Catharines, NOTL, Thorold, Virgil, Welland and Pelham.

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Welcome to GHLNiagara


The GHL is Niagara's original co-ed non-contact beginner hockey league. This league was created for adults who have little or no childhood hockey experience. We have two seasons per year:


September > March: Saturdays in Virgil (26 Games)

May > August: Fridays in St. Catharines (13 Games)


The GHL has over 250 members and provides a fantastic hockey experience, complete with GMs, captains, coaches, referees, scorekeepers, and one amazing, friendly atmosphere.


Click "About Us" to see some video footage of our games.

Week 4 MVPs



Julie Erzinclioglu (Bruins) – Julie played an awesome game showing up for the Bruins this week with a top shelf goal. Giving the team the early lead to finish the game with a win!



Kristie McGowan (Wings) – Kristie earned the Octopus Hat this week with an inspired performance against the Bruins. She had her best game to date and her wingers were thankful for so many great passes.



Paulie Langley (Sharks) - Paulie’s solid goaltending performance earned him his first of many shutouts on the season, and with only a few close calls!



Tristan Morrison and Melissa Coholan (Oilers) – Tristan and Melissa filled in admirably for the Oilers this week when the team was down 6 players. Great effort from both players kept the game close.




Tyler McIntosh (Sabres) - #11 returned to the lineup after a 2-week training stint in the minors. He gets his bell rung and had to sit the 3rd period, someone had to step up and Tyler did just that! Tyler played valuable minutes of ice time up the middle and netted 2 goals in the Sabres 1st win. Congrats Sabres!



Roger Boutilier (Flyers) - Roger had a great game this week! We had a short bench, so Roger helped out on defense and had himself an excellent game on the blueline. Special shout out also goes to Matt Higgins, who had a great game in net. Good work boys!



Johnny UK (Ducks) – Johnny UK can get the MVP any week in the GHL. He can earn it with his talent, his leadership, his dashing good looks AND being a true champion of the league. It was NOT for these reasons this week however… Mrs. UK just didn’t want to return the MVP hat from last week! So, Hats off to the UKs, you win this round!



James (Bryan Boitano) Correia – He may have completed his patented vertical roadkill celebration prematurely on Saturday night, however it wasn't in vain. By the 3rd period, Boitano cut through the defense, tracking the goalie's stance and picking the 5-hole for his first goal for the winter season and giving the Canucks their first win of the 2018/19 season!




Corey Smith (Rangers) - Congrats to Corey for a game well played! He tried his best to counteract our own defense putting not one, but two goals from our own players in our own net. For the record, the score of that game was 6-2. 



Geoff Hunt (Canadiens) - In a game filled with odd man rushes on both ends of the ice, both goaltenders were absolute workhorses. For the Canadiens, Geoff did all he could to keep the game close and has the bruises to show for it. And with brand new pads that hadn't quite been fitted yet. I believe that Geoff personally wants to thank his Bio-Freeze spray and Naproxin - they'll be his best friends this week.




Dan O’Callaghan (Leafs) – Dan brought the luck of the Irish with him Saturday night - eh Scotty? He gave his team the spark we needed and almost competed the comeback! But it was his continued positive attitude on the bench and support for this team that earned him this week’s Golden Bucket! 



Scott Jarvis (Penguins) - It seems to be a theme this week for the Habs/Pens franchise that the MVP goes to our goalies. Scott has been masterful all season so far, and tonight he was especially needed with a short bench of tired players in front of him. Special recognition goes to those players who were there, but it was Scott who held down the fort for the victory.

by posted 10/11/2018
2018 Summer Champtions



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