We are a Niagara based adult beginner hockey league. GHL Niagara. We are the original and best co-ed beginner hockey league. We have beginner players from all over the Niagara region, inscluding: St. Catharines, NOTL, Thorold, Virgil, Welland and Pelham.

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Welcome to GHL

GHL Niagara is a co-ed non-contact beginner hockey league aimed at adults who have had little or no childhood hockey experience. We have two seasons per year:


September > March: Saturdays in Virgil (26 Games)

May > August: Fridays in St. Catharines (13 Games)


Join us in celebrating our 15th year on the ice!. The GHL has 12 teams, 200 players, GMs, captains, coaches, referees, scorekeepers, and one amazing, friendly atmosphere. 


Click "About Us" to see some video footage of our games!


Week 15 MVPs



Jason Aplin (Flyers) - With his new Bauer “speed plate” skate insoles, Jason was as speedy as ever. He even plated home a pair of goals for added measure. Great comeback this week Flyers!



Kailey Soeting (Hawks) – Kailey is a force on defense, a passing machine! She is always making things happen on the ice. Her positive attitude and skill on the ice make her one of the most dangerous players out there. Her ability to move up to forward on a moment’s notice doesn’t hurt either!




Johanna Innes (Rangers) - There are many important skills that someone can bring to their team, but Johanna brings probably the most important one for a GHL team… her medical skills. In an unusually injury-filled game, 'Dr. Jo' was repeatedly required to tend to injured teammates. She handled it with the same dedication (coupled with a sense of humour) that her teammates are used to seeing on the bench. In addition to her medical skills, Johanna balances being both friendly and positive on the bench, and determined and aggressive on the ice. Johanna hustles on every rush, doggedly pursues the puck on defence and is always a factor in anything that happens on her shift. It is definitely preferable to be on her team, rather than playing against her. Let's hope, that in the future, we all get to see more of her hockey skills and less of her medical skills.


Christina Somers (Ducks) – Christina is the ultimate team player... a coach’s dream! Despite being a late addition to the team, this mama has been nothing but team spirit and Quack attack since the moment she arrived. After playing a few games on forward, Christina stepped up on defense this week, proving her ability as one of our most dynamic players. Ducks are lucky to have you, girl!




Four Goalie Tandem (Krista Catella, Nigel Davis, Geoff Hunt, Allan McGrath) – Penguins – For the first time ever, a GHL team won by using 4 goalies – in one game! Krista provided the first period heroics. In the second period, Nigel stood in net, with only skater equipment on, and withstood a few shots from the classy Canucks. In the final frame, Geoff Hunt graciously got dressed, stepped on the ice and was replaced immediately by Allan McGrath, who was flawless the rest of the way. The end result was that the Penguins were able to claw back and secure a last-minute win against the first place Canucks.



Our Co-MVP's this week go to Mr. Marc Seguin (distant cousin of NHL superstar TYLER Seguin) and Mr. Nick Vocal (distant cousin of... someone?). Both players stepped-up their game in this one! Marc played center for us and helped with several scoring chances, while Nick had a firecracker up his a**, or so it seemed! Great game by both players and we hope Nick brings the firecracker again next week! Canucks Honourable mention this week goes to Pens tender Krista Catella, as she fought off an injury to play 2 full periods of the game and played well for the Pens!




Allan McGrath (Oilers) – After supplying a period of fill-in goaltending for the major team, Allan continued being a wall by stopping everything that the Canadiens threw at him. Playing without his regular defense, Allan ensured that the Oilers came away with their third 0-0 tie of the season.



Mike Petriw (Canadiens) - Mike was a rock on defense for us. Having lots of shots and playing solid on the back end! If only he could not fall all the time, that would be a plus! Just joking Mike! Great game!!




Jon Nauta (Bruins) – What can we say about Jon. Guys want to be him. Babies want him as a dad (congrats on your 4th!). All while repping mad hockey skillz. You so cool, Jon-o.



This week the "S" Line was reunited for The Flames and they did not disappoint. Stash… Steve and Stainton played an awesome game together causing havoc everywhere they went on and off the ice. Even a minor knee injury couldn't stop them. Great game boys!




Sarah Lafferty (Leafs) – Sarah was a last minute call up and anchored the D for the Leafs with a great game at both ends of the ice and despite intense scrutiny by the zebras, she also stayed out of the box! ;)



Marlene Hodgins (Sabres) - Marlene is the star of the week. Her determination right to the bitter end, and her never give up attitude is something the Sabres can all strive to become.

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GHL Night at The Ice Dogs

GHL Night at The Ice Dogs

Date: Friday November 24, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Meridian Centre, St. Catharines
Cost: $15.00  

To purchase tickets:

1. e-mail leighannconlon@hotmail.com to inform how many tickets you would like to purchase
2. send money via e-mail money transfer to leighannconlon@hotmail.com


*** Last day to purchase Ice Dogs tickets is Wednesday November 15, 2017!  Tickets will be available for pick up at hockey on Saturday November 17 at hockey***

by posted 11/05/2017
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