GHL Niagara
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Mixed Division Winter Champions

2020/21 None (Covid)2021/22 Golden Knights2022/23 Whalers2023/24 Rangers


2021/22 Golden Knights   ,    2022/23 Whalers     ,     2023/24 Rangers


Individual Champions

Sportsmanship Award

2021/22 Cheryl Harrison, Jets2022/23 Chery Harrison, Whalers
2023/24 Peter Graham, Oilers


2023/24 Michael Naraine, Sharks

Most Points - Male

2022/23 Nathan Conn, Bruins2023/24 Rob Reid, North Stars

Most Points - Female

2022/23 Stephanie Martino, Rangers2023/24 Natalie Liske, Canadiens

Best Defence

2022/23 Cheryl Cook, Golden Knights2023/24 Don Blakely, Sharks


2022/23 Tony Nero, Kings2023/24 Michael Campagnaro, Rangers

Spirit Award

2021/22 Kristalee Owen, Whalers2022/23 Alex Barrington, Golden Knights
2023/24 Alex Barrington, Marlies

Team MVPs

2021/22 Andrew Wilson (Blues), Parisa Ricciardelli (Golden Knights), Mike Theriault (Hawks), Rick Belic (Jets), Jody Pula (Seals), Jimmy Goldenberg (Whalers) 
2022/23 Robert Reid (Bruins), Ian Gollert (Canadiens), Rick Roy (Flames), Alex Barrington (Golden Knights), Tony Nero (Kings), Dan Amadio (Marlies), Stephanie Martino (Rangers), Greg Pretty Sr. (Whalers)
2023/24 Brad Wood (Avalanche), Nathaniel Hoelzner (Canadiens), Stephanie Martino (Kings), Ian Gollert (Marlies), Laura Smithson (North Stars), Pete D'Elia (Oilers), Rick Roy (Rangers), Kristen Maiden (Sharks)

Rookie of the Year Award

2021/22 Mike Theriault, Hawks

Hardest Worker

2022/23 Peter Graham (Golden Knights) & Rob Game (Marlies)

Ref's Award

2022/23 Cindy Shantz

​​​​​​​Most Improved

2022/23 Marvin Zhang, Golden Knights
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