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Inducted - 2023

Years Active 2011 to present

Team Championships (1) –

  • Winter Minor (2011/12 Wings)

Individual Awards (5) - 

  • Playoff MVP, Minor Division (2011/12)
  • Sportsmanship, Minor Division (2012/13, 2014/15, 2019/20)
  • Die Hard, Minor Division (2022/23)

FactoidDuring his rookie year, he became the oldest playing GHL goalie. Over a decade later, Scott still maintains that record.

If you have played in the minor division during the era of Scott Holmes – you know who Scott Holmes is. Scott’s child-like enthusiasm for the game of hockey is admirable for a player of any age. Scott is so encouraging of his teammates and his opponents, and it is no surprise that he is the only 3-time winner of the Sportsmanship Award. Scott’s enthusiasm carries on during the week, as many can’t wait to read his weekly game summary that he posts on Facebook. Helmets and sticks in the air for a true GHL Legend.


Inducted - 2023

Years Active 2003 to 2020

Team Championships (2) –

  • Summer Mixed (2011 Rangers, 2017 Hawks)

Individual Awards (5) –

  • Die Hard, Major Division (2009/10, 2011/12)
  • Bell Award for Dedication (2010/11)
  • Die Hard, Minor Division (2019/20)
  • Team MVP Rangers, Minor Division (2019/20)

The Geoff Hunt Memorial Award was bestowed in 2023. This award is presented to the GHL Member with the greatest perseverance.

FactoidThe GHL has been a family affair – Geoff has played on various teams with his son, two daughters, and wife

The ‘quiet giant’ was also the most league’s most reliable - If GHL was being played on Saturday Evening – Geoff was there. The GHL Iron Man broke the record of 188 consecutive games played without missing a game. The original music man – Geoff brought the music to the rink. Geoff loved being in the background but enjoyed being part of the social scene (except for his elaborate costumes around Halloween). For as quiet as Geoff was, his peers did recognize his place in the GHL by awarding him the Die Hard Award a record 3 times along with another league award for dedication. Geoff Hunt’s massive legacy will be around for years to come.


Inducted - 2023

Years Active 2005 to present

Team Championships (5) –

  • Summer Mixed (2011 Rangers, 2015 Hawks)
  • Winter Minor (2013/14 Flames)
  • Winter Major (2015/16 Penguins, 2018/19 Leafs)

Individual Awards (2) –

  • Best GAA Average, Minor Division (2013/14)
  • Team MVP Flames, Major Division (2021/22)

FactoidThe 5 GHL Championships that Richard has won is tied for most in league history with 3 other players.

‘Scap’ is one of the most colorful characters to ever be part of the GHL. He has been player, goalie, gm, referee and most importantly the 2nd GHL Commish (2009 – 2014). Richard has a passion for people and many of the ideas that he brought about while in the role of league commisioner are still being used in the league today. You will always find him being the life of the party, whether that’s on the ice, or away from the rink. Regardless of what role he is playing, Richard has been instrumental in so many people having a great GHL experience.


Inducted - 2023


Years Active 2003 to present

Team Championships (3) –

  • Winter Minor (2013/14 Flames, 2018/19 Wings, 2021/22 Nordiques)

Individual Awards (2) –

  • Die Hard, Minor Division (2019/20)
  • Sportsmanship, Minor Division (2022/23)

FactoidAs of May 2023, Kathy is tied with 4 other people for the most Minor Championships with 3.

Kathy is the only player to play in all 20 GHL Winter Seasons.  Being a local resident in Virgil, Kathy has been an invaluable resource to the league management and has been a wonderful sounding board for all things GHL. Kathy is an active participant in everything that the GHL has to offer. All teammates love Kathy and she is deeply entrenched in the GHL scene on Saturday evenings. Kathy loves the game of hockey and her enthusiasm for playing is as strong today as it was when the league started.