GHL Niagara
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Mixed Division Winter Champions

2020/21 None (Covid) 2021/22 Golden Knights 2022/23 Whalers



2021/22 Golden Knights   ,    2022/23 Whalers


Individual Champions


2022-23 Mixed Division Award Winners

Left to Right - Cheryl Harrison, Stephanie Martino, Cindy Shantz, Nathan Conn, Tony Nero, Alex Barrington, Cheryl Cook, Peter Graham, Marvin Zhang


Sportsmanship Award

2021/22 Cheryl Harrison, Jets 2022/23 Chery Harrison, Whalers


Rookie of the Year Award

2021/22 Mike Theriault, Hawks  


Most Points - Male

2022/23 Nathan Conn, Bruins  


Most Points - Female

2022/23 Stephanie Martino, Rangers  


Hardest Worker

2022/23 Peter Graham (Golden Knights) & Rob Game (Marlies)  


Best Goalie

2022/23 Tony Nero, Kings  


Best Defence

2022/23 Cheryl Cook, Golden Knights  


Spirit Award

2021/22 Kristalee Owen, Whalers 2022/23 Alex Barrington, Golden Knights


Most Improved

2022/23 Marvin Zhang, Golden Knights  


Ref's Award

2022/23 Cindy Shantz  


Team MVPs


2022-23 Mixed Division Team MVPs

Left to Right - Dan Amadio (Leafs), Stephanie Martino (Rangers), Greg Pretty Sr. (Whalers), Tony Nero (Kings), Robert Reid (Bruins), Alex Barrington (Golden Knights), Rick Roy (Flames) 

Absent - Ian Gollert (Canadiens)



2021/22 Andrew Wilson (Blues), Parisa Ricciardelli (Golden Knights), Mike Theriault (Hawks), Rick Belic (Jets), Jody Pula (Seals), Jimmy Goldenberg (Whalers) 
2022/23 Robert Reid (Bruins), Ian Gollert (Canadiens), Rick Roy (Flames), Alex Barrington (Golden Knights), Tony Nero (Kings), Dan Amadio (Marlies), Stephanie Martino (Rangers), Greg Pretty Sr. (Whalers)