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As a baseline, the GHL follows the same rules as Ontario Minor Hockey

-See any exceptions below-


Referees, at their discretion, may call penalties for any reason they see fit. For example, If you’ve been warned to stay out of the crease and you insist on camping out there, you will get a penalty. 

Being belligerent or rude to referees will result in a penalty. 

A player with 3 penalties of any kind will be ejected from the game. Referees can also eject a player at any time if they see fit. Referees may waive the mandatory expulsion at their discretion; this is usually reserved for a time when a player receives 3, non-serious infractions (for example, crease violation, non-contact high stick). 

If you are being unsportsmanlike on the ice or the bench, your coach may eject you from the game.

Any player who is consistently receiving penalties may be suspended or even expelled from the league. 

If you have any issues with the reffing, please go to your coach. Refs are here to help the league and we will not tolerate people giving them a hard time. There are questionable calls in every league, NHL included so just accept it as part of the game if there is a call you don’t agree with.


Our league will not tolerate body contact. Even if a player is not knocked over, we may call body contact.
*Less strict Select division*

If you are found to be playing while intoxicated to the point of putting other players at risk, you may be suspended or expelled from the league.

Unsportsmanlike conduct Including, Fighting, Foul Language, Smacking stick, throwing equipment, Yelling at / Excessively questioning the official Slamming the bench/penalty box doors

Going down on your knee(s) to block shots is not permitted. 
*Does not apply to Select division*

Skating in the crease is not permitted. The play will be stopped and the faceoff is to occur outside the zone.
*Does not apply to Select division*

Out-of-control penalties may be called if a player is skating outside of their abilities and causing collisions or unsafe play. Puck carriers and defensive players are equally responsible for avoiding collisions.  


The GHL adheres to "Blue Line" icing for all divisions. In some cases, blue line icing may be waved off. 

If a player becomes injured on the ice, all players are to go to their bench to allow the officials and management to take care of the situation.

Any time the puck hits a player's helmet or a goalie's mask, the play will be whistled down and a faceoff will take place.

Mixed Skill, Major and Minor have a 3-goal per game limit.

Goalies can skate to the two closest hash marks and back behind the red line.

Remember to review the list of equipment that is mandatory to wear during all GHL Games. Players will not be permitted to play until they wear all equipment (in particular a neck guard). A ​CSA-approved helmet with a face shield must be worn whenever on the ice (pre and post-game).
*Select division does not require a full cage or neck guard*

Goalies in the Mixed Skill, Minor and Major divisions must wear danglers.

A team may only call one 30-second timeout per game. A referee may call a timeout at any time. 

All GHL games are running time. When the game begins, the only time the clock will stop is at the referee's discretion. 

The game will be stop-time for the last minute of the game if it’s a 1 goal game or less.


Trades may be done for a variety of reasons, but mostly to create balance in the league. Players may be traded by franchises at the discretion of the franchise's GM and upon approval of the League Executive. Players involved will be consulted before the news is revealed to the league.


**Non-GHL members are not permitted to fill in**


May call up if less than 10 players; can only call over to make 10 


Can call from any Minor team if less than 10 players; can only call over to make 10 

Mixed Skill

Can call from Mixed Skill, Minor or Major if less than 10 players; can only call over to make 10 


Can call from Select or Major if less than 10 players; can only call over to make 10 

Note: NO refunds will be given to players who are suspended or dismissed from the league due to continued rule violations. A single offence of the rules, depending on the severity of the infraction may result in being dismissed from the league.

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